International Support Department

Recently, many foreign nationals visit or live in Japan. Even in Fukayama, we have many opportunities to interact with foreign patients in our daily medical practice. The Japanese Government operates a Health Care International Development Task Force, which facilitates the acceptance of foreign patients and encourages international development of Japan’s medical skills and services. However, patients from other countries face many obstacles when seeking medical care in Japan, such as linguistic and cultural barriers, institutional issues, and the like. Fukuyama Medical Center has not yet prepared an adequate framework for accepting foreign patients, and our handling of each case is left to the discretion of the on-site medical staff. In order to respond to the ongoing globalization of the field of medical care, we have decided to establish an International Support Department to support our international medical care activities.

The purposes of this department are:

  1. Improvement of reception procedure for foreign patients
  2. Contribution to international medical service development through interaction with overseas hospitals
  3. Globalization of our medical staff through a combination of overseas training and in-house training

To achieve these goals, cooperation between the staff of many departments will be essential. And, to improve our acceptance of foreign patients, it will further be critical to establish and maintain strong relationships with other organizations and communities throughout the region.

Outpatient Guide

Reception Hours

○First-Time Patients / Returning Patients (without appointment) 8:30~11:00
○Automated Reception for Returning Patients (Reservation Only) 8:00~17:00

First-time patients are expected to bring a letter of introduction. For more information, please refer to the Outpatient Guide