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Message from our Director

This center is a central medical institution of the Bingo area. We strive to provide complete community medical treatment for the region.

The Bingo area is a metropolitan area with a population of approximately one million. It includes Fukuyama, Fuchu, Onomichi, Mihara, Ibara, and Kasaoka. As a core hospital located in this expansive area, we have established five clinical centers as part of our efforts to provide sufficient care for patients throughout the region, while ensuring that all treatments are of the highest possible quality.

Polices and Procedure


As an organization, we are devoted to Functional hospital management. And as individuals, we always keep a positive attitude (Smile), perform duties quickly and efficiently (Speed), work with wholehearted devotion (Sincerity), cultivate our sensitivity to feel for each patient's pain (Sympathy) and strive to master our professional fields (Specialty).

2.Learn together and Bring up together

As a “learning hospital”, we strive to keep learning and improving ourselves as we face new challenges together.

Goals of Our Hospital

  1. Continuously enhance our medical equipment to ensure the ongoing improvement of high-quality medical care.
  2. Strengthen emergency medical care system for adults and children.
  3. Strive towards becoming a General Perinatal Maternal and Child Medical Center.

Fundamental Principle

As a member of the National Hospital Organization, we adhere to medical ethics, respect patient rights and will, and aim to provide safe, satisfactory and high-quality medical treatment.

Fundamental Policies

  1. From our patients’ point of view, we provide patient-centered medical care.
  2. We provide efficient and high-quality medical treatment through team-based medical care.
  3. In cooperation with other medical institutions in this region, we provide consistent medical care by sharing patient information.
  4. We will contribute to regional medical care, centered on the fields defined in our medical policy: "cancer", "child health and development" and "bones and locomotorium".
  5. We constantly strive for sound business management of our hospital, and seek to create a workplace which empowers employees to take active roles as they further their knowledge and skills.
  6. We contribute to the progress of medical care by participating in clinical research while we strive to enhance clinical education and training.

System Enhancement

In order to further the closeness of cooperation between each of our departments, in addition to our Neonatal Center and Endoscopy Center, we have established our ‘Spine and Artificial Joint Center’, ‘Head and Neck Tumor Center’, and ‘Minimally Invasive Treatment Center’ on April 1st. We have also set up the International Support Department to increase our capacity to accept overseas patients and enhance our activity in international medical services. In addition to the Clinical Research Department, Cancer Division, Regional Medical Cooperation Office, Emergency Department, Clinical Trial Management Department, Clinical Information Management Office, Public Relations Department, and Education and Training Department, we have implemented Infection Control Team in our ‘Infection Control Unit’, and have newly established the ‘Doctor Business Support Department’, which integrates medical office work assistants (Doctor Assistant: DA). In addition to these efforts, we always aim to further strengthen the functions of our hospital.All of the staff work together to complete the unprecedented renewal plan at the Fukuyama Medical Center, and actively enhance medical equipment to ensure further improvement in the quality of the medical treatment, and renewed our commitment to contribute to regional medical care.

Dr. Hiromi Iwagaki, Director of Fukuyama Medical Center

Outpatient Guide

Reception Hours

○First-Time Patients / Returning Patients (without appointment) 8:30~11:00
○Automated Reception for Returning Patients (Reservation Only) 8:00~17:00

First-time patients are expected to bring a letter of introduction. For more information, please refer to the Outpatient Guide