Outpatients Services

Outpatient Flowchart

Outpatients without appointments can be received (except for departments which are ‘by appointment only’). However, patients with appointments will be given priority, so please note that waiting time will be longer for patients without appointments.

Reception Desk Information

  • Medical Counter 1 “New Patients”
  • Medical Counter 2 “Returning Patients” ”Document Submission” “Consultation”
  • Medical Counter 3 “Billing”
  • Medical Counter 5 “Payment Counter”

Outpatient Guide

Reception Hours

○First-Time Patients / Returning Patients (without appointment) 8:30~11:00
○Automated Reception for Returning Patients (Reservation Only) 8:00~17:00

First-time patients are expected to bring a letter of introduction. For more information, please refer to the Outpatient Guide